What would you like to see upcycled next?

Hey guys!
I’ll be working with¬†all types of knit garments, so what would you like to see upcycled next? Maybe you’d like to know how to transform that jumper into something else warm for winter? Let me know your suggestions ^_^
Don’t forget vote on your fave way to transform a long sleeve tee in the first limitless series if you haven’t yet!

<3 Dorothy

what should i upcycle next-

Vote on your fave way to transform a long sleeve tee!

Hey everyone!
Let me know your fave design from Limitless Series #1 in the comments.
I will create and share the recipe for the most popular design – you can only pick one (or 2 if you have to) ūüėČ
If you haven’t watched the video yet, watch it first before you vote in my first post or on youtube!

<3 Dorothy

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Upcycling pre-loved clothing


Thank you to St Vincent de Paul Society Wellington, Mary Potter Hospice, Opportunity for Animals, Space Between and family & friends for your support with donations of used & unwanted clothing for my project!

IMG_2392     IMG_2410

I am sourcing and upcycling pre-loved clothing still in good condition, in hopes to prevent more clothing from ending up in the waste stream. With the¬†overabundance of clothing we have today, it’s not necessary¬†to make new clothing from new fabrics. By using pre-loved clothing, I’ll be avoiding unethical labour practices in fabric and clothing production, as well as saving the resources it takes to produce them — triple score! ūüėČ

Intro & 18+ ways to transform a long sleeve T-shirt


Hello to all you fashion lovers out there! I’m Dorothy, a final year fashion design student and BreakThrough is my final major project (and then I graduate whoo)! Through this project,¬†I want to show you how¬†you can easily transform those clothes in the closet you don’t wear (you know what I’m talking about ;)) into something awesome, and hopefully spark your creativity… I believe there’s creativity within all of us ^_^¬†¬†I also want you to know that you have a voice in fashion, not only designers! Your voice is¬†an important part of making this happen.

For the next few months, I will be¬†sharing with you the upcycled designs I come up with (like the video below) and any upcycling recipes I think you’d like.¬†It’s up to you to let me know which designs you like best, what you’d like to see next and any thoughts, ideas or suggestions!¬†For now, I‚Äôm just working with knitwear as¬†it’s my specialty — This means stretch garments like t-shirts, cardigans, hoodies, trackpant type pants and chunky heavier knits. Towards the end, I will create recipes (how-tos) for the most popular designs, so you can do it with your own clothes!¬†This can be through photos, videos or technical drawings, whatever works best. The beginning of an¬†online library of upcycling recipes will be created on the blog for us to enjoy and build on ^_^

If you’d like to be a part of it and know any other fashionistas, spread the word and let’s see what we come up with!

This is my first video in the ‘Limitless series’ (and my first video ever! :O) where the design possibilities of a certain upcycling method are limitless, so I need your help in deciding which ones you like best or have your say on the designs!¬†The possibilities shown are just ones I’ve come up with so¬†if you’d like to explore on your own, go for it and I’d love to see what you come up with!¬†I will aim to post one Limitless series video per week and am thinking that¬†the most popular/voted¬†design per video will be made into a recipe.

This one is on a casual fitting long sleeve t-shirt with the upcycling method morph-slash (refer to upcycling methods on blog), just by slashing through the shoulder seams and down the edge of the sleeve. It is then slashed again along the under arm seams to create different designs. The design possibilities will work depending on your own size, and the size of the shirt. For example, some of the designs might not work with a smaller, more tighter fitting shirt as there is less fabric. So make sure you use a garment that is the right fit for you.

Hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts ^_^